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A Helpful Note To
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CONVENTION WORKSHOP: Independent Entries are accepted.
COMPETITION. If you are entering a Solo only, your dance studio owner still must enter you online as they get credit for the choreography entry .

HOTEL or OVERNIGHT STAY: Most of our events have a hotel group block. if you do not see the host hotel listed on our Competitions Dates page online, or if the hotel is sold out or if you need info on a location send me an email (carol@stepup2dance.com)
All other questions regarding all aspects of the competition, ask your Studio Owner.
General Rules / Regulations

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The venue size and other factors determine the number of guest permitted. For each show , we send the Studio Owner the guidelines approx. 1 month prior to the show. Most of our shows will allow for 2 guests per dancer.

Food Policy
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Food and Drink is not allowed in theatres, auditoriums , locker rooms or dressing rooms. If you choose to bring a cooler, it must remain in the car.

Most high schools have a nearby store and restaurant for lunch.

You may face fines from school and /or disqualification from competition for bringing food into theatre, competition room or dressing space.

No Refunds Policy
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In event dancer cannot attend due to illness, injury… the teacher may substitute another dancer in the same category, same age, and same ability. If Teacher can not substitute dancer, a credit will be given to the studio. No refunds can be made.

Program Books
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Program books are not printed.
There will be one program book on display in the lobby for you to scan.

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ENTIRE WEEKEND: Keep the entire weekend free. It is required that students perform in their category with their same age ability and style of dance for proper adjudication. The schedule goes out 7 days prior to the show to the Studio Owners email address. Once the schedule is made and all the studios are informed, it’s impossible to change anything without causing hardship to the whole student body.

SCHEDULE CONFLICT: Should you have a conflict, , inform your studio owner as soon as you know, hopefully 90 days in advance. If f we can move you without causing hardship to other students or studios, we will do our best to accommodate you.

HOTEL or OVERNIGHT STAY: Most of our events have a hotel group block. if you do not see that on our Competitions Dates page online, or if the hotel is sold out, or if you need info on a location, send me an email (carol@stepup2dance.com)

Waiver for Parent / Teacher
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Waiver Hard Copy: Studio Owner / Parent release for Student to attend.
Email it to carol@stepup2dance.com

Waiver Online: New Online automated Digital Waiver saves time for busy teachers & parents who are not at the studio.

  • Click on DANCERS PAGE
  • See the (email address) field beside Dance Student
  • Once all fill in all the email addresses for attending students, click SEND ALL.
  • The automated waiver that Step Up 2 Dance has created is sent instantly & emailed to the parent.
  • Once a parent signs the waiver, the email button says complete.

By entering a Step Up 2 Dance competition, participants (dancers, teachers, choreographers) give their permission to Step Up 2 Dance to use their photograph, video, and /or likeness in any promotional effort without compensation. Step up 2 dance is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

I fully understand that dancers competing in a dance competition take certain incumbent risks. These include, but are not limited to, sprains, pulled muscles, and broken bones. Injuries can be minimal, serious, and catastrophic. By entering the competition, I forever release Step Up2Dance, owners, directors, staff, and independent contractors from any and all claims, damages, liability, loss of service, and cause of action of any kind, including negligence or its future negligence which may occur while participating in any activity connected with this dance competition, including traveling to and from the event.

By entering the competition, you are in agreement to the waiver and have read, understood and agreed to the rulers in the participants’ waiver.

Click here to print your Parent release for your Student.