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ABILITY Click to view

Often times a school will have a variety of levels in a group. Simply choose the one that you feet is most appropriate & comfortable for your dancers.

Novice:  Studied 2 years or less, &/or spends no more than 2 hours per week studying any form of dance or acro/gym.

Competitive:  Studied from 2 to 7 yrs.
This is the level to choose if dancers are  beyond new, novice, beginner dancers.

Advanced:  Studied any type of dance or any combination of dance/gym/theatre for more than 7 yrs.
This level is higher than competitive yet lower than proam. Many of the teens are in intermediate level Teacher simply chooses the level so that the dancers are comfortably going before or after others of similar ability.
Step Up 2 Dance competition is non punitive , so choosing the wrong level will not affect scoring. All acts receive a beautiful Award . The overalls high point routines are chosen from all ages, all abilities, all genres so the level is not going to matter in the overalls.

Pro-Am:  Combination of amateur and professional dancers. Eligible for scholarships, cash at regionals/nationals, if there are 10 or more entries in the same category. A professional dancer is classified in our student's dance competition as a teacher or teacher's assistant, who is 18 yrs or older, who is paid or unpaid, who may have choreographed and or taught any students at any time. It is up to the discretion of the Show Director & Judging Staff to determine who may be placed or moved to pro-am at any time. One professional makes the entire routine Pro-Am.Sometimes an advanced student will be asked to go pro-am so that other learning students have an opportunity.

AGE Click to view

Little           3/4      5/6
Young       7/8      9/10
Jr Teen     11/12   13/14
Teen         15/16   17/18
Yg Adult   19/24   Senior   41-any age
Adult         25/40   Parent   Any age
Teacher   Any age
Age is determined by the age dancer is on the date of competition. Group age is determined by the average age of group members. Studio owner must take care to enter correct birth date into online system. (Director may further separate or combine age divisions/categories according to the number of performers)

AWARDS Click to view

Each and Every Act receives 1 Trophy. Every dancer receives a Beautiful Neck Ribbon/Medal that is given to the Studio Owner at the Show. In the case a dancer would like to purchase a trophy, we do have a few at each show. We can also ship to your home, but add 7-10 days and ground postage.

CHECK IN Click to view

Only Studio Owner / Teacher needs to check in to pick up Teacher ID. Students should not check in, but should be prepared to meet teacher at a prearranged spot.


Every effort will be made to accommodate your requests as long as it does not cause hardship to other.
Some of our shows give you the option of entering all your acts in 1 day or over 2 days if you choose. You must be prepared to perform 1 hour before your time.

Step Up 2 Dance will move up or back routines to keep the competition running on time. Large Studios must arrive 1 hour prior to the Start of the Show at 7am to work with the Stage Manager to filter in their routines every 5 acts (15 min. ) if necessary to keep show running on time. Arriving late or the wrongful holding of acts may result in disqualification.


Competition Stage is Approximately 40 x 60. The Stage Floor will feature an industry standard marley tour floor.


Groups 4-8 dancers
Lines 9-16 dancers
Classes 17 & dancers
Mini Production any # of dancers
Production any # dancers

Student Choreography
can be Group or Solo

Solo Events
Solo w/ Title (optional)
Optional Events
Broadway Audition (interview, stage question)
Most Photogenic
Costume Photo (solo or group)
Costume Model (solo or group)
Formal Wear Model
Fashion Wear Model

for more info on Optional Events visit our webpage
More Fun Events …

DEADLINE Click to view

Please make sure your entry is in, at the very least, 30 days ahead of time. We need this time to order & receive all awards in time. Please note that many shows fill up well before the 30 day deadline, some fill up 3 months prior. If there is room after the deadline, you may be charged a late fee.

Deadline for Entries : 30 days prior to event.
Entries that come in after the 30 day PAY FEE deadline are subject to a $10. late fee per routine if we can accept the entry)

Once the Schedule is Final we can not accept any 'change' .

If a Registered School forgot to enter an act, (after the Program Book is Printed and if we can accept the act) they will perform for adjudication only, not overall.

DRESSING ROOM Click to view

Only participating dancers, 1 chaperone and teacher are allowed in Dressing Room . No boys, dads, siblings, friends. Do not spray near others or any chemicals that maybe sensitive to allergy prone people. Bring costumes to your vehicle as soon as Act is over and keep your dressing area clean. Bring into the dressing room Only what you need for the first couple acts. Competition nor venue is responsible for lost, damaged, stolen.

ENTRY FEES Click to view

Are available to Studio Owners only in the Studio Owner online entry form. If Studio Owner would like a hard copy, please email in with your Studio Name, City, State.from your Studio Email, Carol@stepup2dance.com.

* Early Bird Discount.
10% off for entries paid prior to Jan. 1
Balance anytime before 30 day show deadline.
Late fees incurred on balances not paid 30 days prior to deadline.

First Come Basis
Regardless if you are a small or large school, we highly suggest you enter EARLY and pay entry fee as soon as you are able as only paid fees ‘Lock ‘in your Spot

Partial Payments
You may make partial payments if paying online by paypal, however, if you are mailing in Money Order/Bank Check .. only one payment for all is required to be paid before 30 days of the event., otherwise late fee kicks in.

Payment methods include PayPal , which accepts online credit card. Just Click PayPal on the online form.
Using Pay Pal will charge you the customary 3% credit card fee. We do not accept credit card payment over the phone or thru the mail.
If paying by MAIL you must submit only one MONEY ORDER / BANK CHECK , not multiple BANK CHECKS / MONEY ORDERS . No studio checks or personal checks will be accepted .

Note: Independent entries are only accepted if the Studio Owner / Teacher submits the Entry. Studio Owner/Teachers does not need to be present.

Independent students are welcome to participate in SU2D Conventions. Visit our convention page for the form.

Late Entries
If there is room in the show, after the deadline, we may accept a late entry with late fees.

FOOD POLICY Click to view

Venues will offer concession lunch. No food or drink is allowed in theatres, auditoriums , locker rooms or dressing rooms. All food must be consumed in lobby or cafe. If you choose to bring a cooler, it must remain in the car. Unlike a movie theatre, you may face fines from school and /or disqualification from competition for bringing food into theatre, competition room or dressing space.


Judges Critiques are available only to Studio Owner. Judges Critiques and Scoring is available immediately in 24-48 hours after the show. Studio Owner will receive an email when ready. Each school may have only 1 Studio Registration and 1 password.


WORKSHOP: Independents may enter workshop, however, Entry Fee must be paid in full via paypal when you enter.
COMPETITION: We accept solos from dance schools who are not entering groups, only if room. If your studio is not attending & you would like to perform, only your STUDIO OWNER may enter you under the STUDIO name. Dancers, Performers, Parents MAY NOT USE the online entry form. The online entering system is only for Dance Studio Owners.

INFORMATION Click to view

Once the Studio Owner registers online for the Show of their choice, it is up to the Studio Owner to continue to view the Master Program Book online up to view the times and notify teachers/parents of time updates.

INJURY Click to view

Participating in the sport of dance competitions can be rigorous and can result in injury. Upon entering the competition, parents/students hold harmless Step Up2 Dance for injury, damage or loss.

LATE ENTRY / LATE FEE Click to view

Online schedule closes 10 days prior to the show and program books are printed. Changes after program book is printed are not accepted. We can not reprint or accept a change. Emergency change of any nature, (if we can do it) are $25. per change.

LATE ENTRY: If there is room in the show, after the deadline, we may be able to accept a Late Entry. A late fee may apply. Check with office.

LATE FEE: If Entries Are Not Paid In Full, 30 Days Prior to Show, the automated software will charge you $10 per routine. So, if there is room after the 30 day cut off, you may be charged a $10. fee per routine to enter late.


The number of entries we accept depends upon a multitude of factors , such as number and size of dressing room space, school / district or custodial requirements and if the next day is a school day. Our Winter Shows Jan/Feb/March are typically shorter hours to allow for bad weather travel while our Spring Shows in April , May are a bit longer In many locations we offer a 1 day only show and in some, we hold Solo and Duo/Trios on Saturday with Groups on Sunday. Each show is unique and 2 weeks prior to the show, a generic scheduled guideline is posted on the Website under 2017 Tour Dates . Reserve your spot early with a $100. deposit prior to Dec. 1 for a guaranteed spot.

LINE UP ORDER Click to view


LITTLE AGE 3-4 , 5-6
YOUNG AGE 7-8, 9-10
JR TEEN AGE 11-12, 13-14
TEEN AGE 15-16, 17-18

MUSIC Click to view

Music must be good quality, pre-recorded at appropriate volume level & pitch, completely edited, with a max 3 second lead. Each Song must be on it's own individual quality CD. You must provide good quality dust free, unscratched CD’s. Do not bring CD's that have been handled, used, previously written on , left in the car, played in other competitions. Do not use CD’s with an adhesive label which could cause your CD to skip. Burn a new CD. Please bring a back up of all music on IPOD ,IPAD, MP3 player or Computer. We will call for your back up music only if your original music fails to start. However, Once the dancer begins dancing , there is no opportunity to recompete should your music fair or mishap for any reason.Print in black sharpie your Studio Code, #, Name of Song exactly as it is in the online program book 2 days before the event to capture Your Studio Code is listed next to the # in the online program book. You may label your CD's with Studio Code & Song, but wait till 2 days Prior to show so you have the latest edition, accurate listing of the acts.Once the program book prints 7-10 days prior to show, no changes can be made or accepted

NO RE-COMPETING Click to view

A performer is allowed one turn to compete . Once they begin dancing , that is their one and only turn. If music skips ,fails, shuts off during a performance (our fault, your fault, no fault) or if performer forgets, runs off, becomes ill, Step Up 2 Dance policy is we can not allow that routine to compete again. This rule is enforced in order and to give all performers a fair and equal opportunity. The dancer is expected to finish her routine to the best of her ability and is graded for this one performance only. We can not restart the music. Dancer should not stop dancing. If dancer stops dancing for any reason, they are graded upon what they performed, without a second chance.

NOTE: Only If music fails to work on the first try, before the performers start to dance, that routine may be placed on hold until a new source of music is brought to the sound technician.

NO SMOKING Click to view

All public schools strictly forbid smoking on school grounds, outside on stairs or in parking lot. Violators maybe fined & dismissed by school officials.


Discount Hotel Rooms are available. Reserve early under the Step Up 2 Dance group name for best rates.

PARENT RELEASE Click to view

Click here to print parent release for Student. You may mail, fax, email in .


1) HOLD your spot with a $50. Deposit Now.
2) ENTER all your routines early before January if possible
3) PAY in Full as early as possible to get ‘processed’ into the Final Schedule.

Software system will automatically process your entries by:
‘First Come Basis’ by date of ‘complete payment’.
Online Payment: You must ‘Click a Payment’ Method and ‘Submit’ in order to ‘complete registration ‘to be ‘moved’ into the Final Schedule.

Mail: Certified Cashier’s Check or Money Orders (no studio or personal checks).
Include Studio Name, Date & Location of Competition to:
Step Up 2 Dance
P.O. Box 474
Boston, MA 02127
Total complete payment must be received at least 30 days prior to deadline. ( no overnight mail, no signature request),

Balance must be paid in Full to be moved’ into the ‘Line Up’ Schedule.
If Balance is not Paid in Full by Deadline, 30 days Prior to the Show, you run the risk of not being accepted into the show with deposit forfeited. Studio only must submit entries (solos, independents)
Incoming Entries are limited to the amount of performance space available.

Late Fee: If we can accept you after the final 30 day deadline entries are automatically charged $10. per routine.

                    HOLD with a deposit     ENTER early     PAY in FULL

PHOTO Click to view

Photo services offered at all shows. Audience,Students, Teachers are not allowed to take photos during competition. You may take photos during Awards. Photos are reasonably priced, printed on site at the show . Also, all show photos are uploaded immediately after the show , the very next day. Please direct all questions to info@midcoastphoto.com.

PROGRAM BOOKS Click to view

Souvenir Program Books are sold at the shows and ARE NOT complimentary for dance teachers. Dance Studio Owner will receive on Monday of show week ( via email) a line up of their own Studio Entries with Performance # and Performance Time. Please wait until 2 days prior to the show before you label your music with your performance number so you will have the exact latest program book.

PROPS/SCENERY Click to view

Only non-dangerous props are allowed. Must be built off stage, carried , not dragged onto stage. Studio Prop Crew must be in the wings. We ask Performers to get into place on stage within 15 second time frame. Excessive Time for set-up maybe subject to Point deduction.

QUESTIONS Click to view

We welcome emails and calls from Studio Directors Only. Correspondence from parents, students will be referred to the Studio Owner.

REFUNDS Click to view

Refunds are not granted under any condition.


You will receive your Schedule via Email on the Monday of the week of your show. You will receive an email between 3-5pm with your times.
Studio Schedule and Program Schedule is available to Registered Studio Directors only. Changes cannot be accepted once the program book closes, approximately 10 days prior to the shows.

SONG CHOICE Click to view

Please take care to select costumes, music , routine for general audience appeal. Inappropriate choreography or costumes too revealing may have deductions per discretion of the judges. Our audience is made up of parents and impressionable young students.

STYLES OF DANCE Click to view

Note: BALLET, TAP, JAZZ - Maximum 3 tricks
Please move routines with more than 3 tricks to Open or Acro/Gym. A trick is a move in which the dancers feet go over her/his head - such as a walkover, back handspring.
A cartwheel is classified as a trick (feet over head).

ACRO controlled moves that involve balance & flexibility., such as walkovers, chest rolls, handstands. Can contain flexibility moves or contortionist moves along with dance moves and choreography. Mats are allowed, but must be set up and dismantled fairly quickly.

BALLET execute ballet technique. Majority of dancers in ballet shoes.

BROADWAY AUDITION This Fun event is for solos only to test a students talent, interview & modeling ability against all age divisions. Please wear black dance wear (any style) & (any type) dance shoes. Present yourself on Stage (freestyle walk out, turn, walk back) we provide music, Introduce yourself to Judges (approx 20 seconds), Answer One Question from Head Judge (student may choose from several questions, Perform at least one Solo Talent.

CHARACTER portraying a character from a play, movie, show . etc such as a nun, doctor, thru any style of dance.

CHEERLEADING Acrobatics/Gymnastics is allowed. Can have stunts, tosses, pyramid. Routine must have and will be judged on dance steps, moves and choreography, can be Junior High, High School or College cheerleading team as well as dance school.

CLOGGING executing clogging technique including rhythmic formations and patterns.

CONTEMPORARY fluid, nebulous style of dance, establishing an emotional state w/ mind-body connection. Like modern, balance, floorwork, fall and recovery, and improvisation.

DANCE TITLE entry is for a soloist who would like to test their skill against all solos in all age divisions who enter title. One does not need to enter dance title in order to win solo talent category. If entering more than 1 solo, all student's solo scores are averaged together for the overall highest average score.

ETHNIC/FOLKLORIC style is of a particular ethnic group, such as Hawaiian, Polkas.

GYMNASTICS tricks, such as cartwheels, walkovers, back handsprings showing form. The routine should include dance technique, choreography and fluid movement. Mats are allowed, but must be set up and dismantled fairly quickly.

JAZZ dancers execute free form movement ,and may wear jazz shoes, character shoes, half soles bare feet, executing controlled moves that involve balance & flexibility.

HIP HOP routine consisting primarily of Hip Hop Technique. (Inappropriate lyrics should be cut out or voiced over along with inappropriate gestures)

LYRICAL interpretation of lyrics using combo of ballet or jazz, showing legwork, balance, body emotion.

MODELING EVENTS such as Formal Wear Model (dress or gown), Fashion Wear Model, (casual coordinated outfit), Costume Model (any costume, can be performed by solo or whole group) All modeling events are Free style, (no props please), approx 1 min on stage, we provide music. Modeling is typically held prior to the start of solos.

MODERN such as (Graham, Tharp). Dance can demonstrate balance, isolation, extension, based on space, force, weight and time, can be characterized to reflect the choreographers vision.

MUSICAL THEATRE dance Interpreting a song from a Movie, Musical or Broadway.

PHOTOGENIC ENTRY can be headshot, 3/4 shot or full length. Can be home shot or professional. No larger than 8x10. Costume Photogenic can be for soloist or group. Must be mailed in 2 weeks prior, name, studio, date of birth on back of photo.

OPEN is a mix of 2 or more styles . Unlimited tricks are allowed. A jazz or tap routine that has tricks may go here.

POINTE execute pointe technique with the majority of dancers in pointe shoes.

POM a routine incorporating the use of Pom precise and definite movement. Acro allowed. Judges on both Pom technique and dance steps, moves, and choreography.

SONG & DANCE demonstrate dance style and vocal ability.
No other lead voices on music. No Special microphones or sound equipment is to be hooked up performer or DJ. Limited to 2 cordless house microphones.

TAP executing tap technique in tap shoes. No Tap sounds on music.

TITLE The Dance Title entry is for a soloist who would like to test their skill against all solos in all age divisions who enter Title. One does not need to enter Dance Title in order to win solo talent category. If entering more than 1 solo, all student's solo scores are averaged together for the overall highest average score. Males / Females have separate Titles. This is an Optional Event.

TWIRLING may use batons or twirling props, showing technique with choreographed dance moves. (no fire, knives or swords)

VOCAL - no backups or other voices on music, no special microphone hookups or sound adjustments. Vocalists will be supplied with a wireless microphone & may have a microphone stand per request prior to the show.

TIME LIMITS Click to view

  • Solos, Duos/Trios 2:45 min
  • Groups, Lines, Classes 3:00 min
  • Mini Production 5:00 min
  • Production 8:00 min
  • Production 8:00 min

EXTENDED TIME is $3 per dancer
  • Solos 15 seconds
  • Duos/Trios 15 seconds
  • Groups 30 seconds
  • Lines, Classes 60 seconds
  • Mini Production 2 min
  • Production 2 min

VIDEO Click to view

Video services offered offered at all shows. Studios/Parents/Audience is not allowed to take video during competition.
Videos are reasonably priced with Studio Discount packages. DVDs and are mailed out usually the very next weekend.
Questions: see the rep on site or email videographer directly cvideo@twcny.rr.com


Mom or a Chaperone to handle costumes and everything a dancer needs.
Be sure to read all rules and check the location you are attending for rules on guests and admission policy as this can change depending upon your venue size and limitations.
Your Studio Director / Teacher will determine your meet up time, place. Everything at the dance competition revolves around your team's performance so follow the guidelines from your Studio Director firsts and foremost.
Grandparents will not like the loud music and siblings/ friends can not tag along into the dressing room. They must stay in lobby or theatre seat displaying coutesy to other guests and performers.Those with special needs may not find a crowded high school comforting.
Dance competitions last for hours or the whole day and guests may not find it fun like you do. Mostly dancers hang out with the team, taking photos and watching other groups , which your quests .
Your team has invested a lot of money and your attention needs to go to the Dance Studio and Director first.
A short dance recital is perfect for most guests.
Dancer/ Parents are Reposponsible for guests to follow rules:
no smoking on school grounds, no coolers allowed in classrooms, no photo/videos during show & all rules applicable to performers.

WORKSHOPS Click to view

All SU2D Workshops are 1 day. Classes are a reasonable size and students who need extra help have the opportunity for more instruction.
In many locations if time, we will offer a FREE BUSINESS SEMINAR for teachers on various topics of interest.
Also , at some locations, we offer teachers an opportunity to have their 'competition piece' evaluated in a private consultation with the Master Teachers. (no costume, no score, no trophy)

Step Up 2 Dance provides high level quality workshops with educators that undergo rigorous training. To set a high standard for the industry, we have a No Soliciting Policy

Hired Master Teachers, Judges, Faculty are under (exclusive) yearly contracts.
Do not approach Master Teacher, Judge, DJ, Photographer, Videographer or any staff member for jobs, gigs, side deals or their email address or phone number.
Do not solicit staff on social media.

Violators soliciting at the show will be dismissed with entry fee forfeited.
If found to be Soliciting BEFORE or AFTER the event, you will be asked Not to attend in Future.

We ask you to use good judgment as you are setting an example to all students.