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Step Up 2 Dance, is an inspiring, fun & glamorous dance competition, aimed at nurturing the growth of dance schools and their students.

Each event is put together with the goal of setting a warm & inviting experience for students and their families.

Our founding mission in 1988 is the same today.

"Students of all ages, all abilities will enjoy a rewarding and positive performance experience in a healthy and exciting atmosphere, designed to develop student's confidence & skills"

Every aspect of each show is designed to inspire and encourage all students to develop a lifelong passion for dance.

The focus is on the students comfort, safety and enjoyment and so only the very best venues with the most spacious comfortable dressing room spaces are rented.

Dance studio owners can expect exceptional customer service from the National Director to ensure a relaxing and inspiring dance experience from start to finish.

To ensure the Step Up 2 Dance competitions are always fun and enjoyable most of our shows are 1 day only, with limited enrollment and reasonable hours.

Step Up 2 dance staff work tirelessly to take the pressure out of competition for students and keep the focus on performing and enjoyment.

All show details are gone over meticulously to make sure everything is perfect for the Studio Owners, students and parents including selection of healthy available foods at the venues, air conditioning spacious seating and convenient times for performance

Studio Owners will find the Step Up 2 Dance online registration to be an easy, fast online system so busy teachers can spend less time on paperwork and more time doing what they do best, teaching dance.

Whether you come for the thrill of competition, for the opportunity to be critiqued or simply for a fun day of dance, there is something here for all ages and all levels.

Whether you are brand new or very experienced, we are here to help grow your student body and to offer your all students a wonderful, rewarding enriched dance experience.