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Join the Fun and Excitement!

As National Director and owner, I work hard to take the edge off the competition and keep it Fun, Relaxed and Stress free!

Whether you are a small or large school or a new or a seasoned competition school, you will be at home here.

Your students will have a fun & educational experience at the Step Up 2 Dance Convention and Competition.

I understand the difficult job of a Studio Owner and the demands upon teachers and choreographers. And, so Entry fees are kept affordable and competition hours are child friendly for less stress to parents.

Dancers are nurtured, recognized and rewarded during their competition experience with us. As the owner and director, I work tirelessly to encourage your students to develop a lifelong passion for dance, to be appreciative of their teachers, to stay in dance class and stay loyal to your dance school.

Although Step Up 2 Dance has a scholarship awards system, it's not about the Win. It’s about the journey, the passion, the friendships, and the student’s growth.

This coming season , once again joining us is Director, Ricky Whitfield (Norweigan ) , Show Mgr Julie Carter (Steps on Broadway) , Kim Larson (Show Mgr RI/NH) and David Bovat (Dean of Judge) along with a wonderful team of dance educators, master teachers & support crew are thrilled to serve you.

Over the past 30 years I have served thousands of dance schools of all sizes in multiple states, many of whom return year after year.

We are constantly evaluating every aspect of the event to provide the most wonderful experience possible to students and their families. Our master teachers and judges are not the current reality show tv stars; they are professional dancers with extensive teaching experience who are respected by the dance community for their proven skill.

I invite you to visit the Step Up 2 Dance Studio Owner Page. Read some of the 100’s of teacher letters and testimonials who will attest to their experience. You will hear Fun, Quality, Professional and Outstanding Customer Assistance many times over.

I am proud to serve you and look forward to seeing you this coming season. Thank you for your business,